Cut off from the world

Since June 3rd, Canada Post was on strike. When they we're done, Canada Post chose to do a Lock Out. Since June 3rd, no mail has been delivered of shipped from or to Canada except Governmental checks like welfare or child support. Some will argue that it's  not that big a deal because we have e-mail now which mean that we can communicate or get our bills etc. But what about small enterprises or  little shops. Like Etsy Shops! Sellers from other country can't ship to Canada because their postal service do not delivery there until the strike is over because all the mail will come back to the sender. Canadian Etsians cannot sell their goods either because no postal service is available. Sure you can you purolator do ship internationally for the price of 15$..when Canada Post charges you 60 cents! It's annoys me very much. I can't even send my son's medical bills for the shots he got in June to my insurance compagny to be repaid. How cool is that ? Let's hope everything gets back in order soon because I have no sympathy for overpaid postal workers.

Holy Crap! X-Files is one boring TV Show!

As a kid, I was a scaredy cat. I loved to watch crime shows and an old serie called 911 where they showed true story emergencies like this woman in Florida who got stung by a giant venomous spider. I loved those kinds of shows. But when it was time to go to bed I was petrified. My mother was watching the X-Files back then in the 90's and I watched it with her. I remember having goosebumps on my arms as the theme song started. Watching it on TV was like going to the ER. There are people there with really horrid injuries but you can't help but look! This year, the reruns of the show are on TV! I'm a big nostalgic at heart. I love the 90's but I love the 80's better. Anyway, I thought it was a wonderful idea to air old episodes of The X-Files and I did watch them. Oh, how I was disappointed. There's nothing in there. At least it's not like I remember. I'm 26 years old and I'm sad to say that I wasn't horrified at all. I was bored out of my mind. Am I so jaded with horror movies that mystery shows aren't enough thrill now ? Actually, Jersey Shore is a lot more creeping me out that the X-Files.

Friday Favorites

Wow, it's been long time since I did a Friday Favorites. Summers is here. Although I'm not a big fan of our hot and very humid Quebec summers, I still enjoy sun and most importantly...frozen treats!!!! I definitely have to buy some of those really popsicles molds from uncommon goods.

You guessed it, this friday favorite will be a frozen treat edition!!!! Enjoy!

I'm back!....kinda..not?

Geez, I really let myself go. I didn't write a single post since I gave birth. And my poor shop is suffering from lack of products. I should get back to it soon. My very own rabbit is mad at me for not making treats anymore. True story. She actually growl at me when I'm around. I think she won't forgive me until I make a batch of those.