I'm finally done!

Woo! I did it! All the fruits and vedgies treats for the SPCA are done. I only need to tag them and they are ready for the big event! We'll have Parsnip, Carrots, Apples, Strawberry & Apples, Bananas, Sunchokes and Papaya rabbit treats. My 2 bunnies tried them all and bananas was a big favorite. Don't forget to pencil us in your agenda. The Montreal SPCA Easter event will take place on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th! Adoption will also be opened !!!! Here's a few of our rabbits waiting to be adopted:

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Montreal SPCA's Easter

The Montreal SPCA's exotic animals department will celebrate Easter by promoting that "Bunnies are not toys" Every years petshops sells TONS of rabbits because parents thinks it's a cute present for their kids. But did you know that those same rabbits get dumped on the Montreal SPCA's counter ? Kids get tired easily of the chores that comes with a brand new baby bunnies. Every year the SPCA host an event to convince people to give chocolate bunnies instead of a living rabbit to their children. This year I'll be helping by making my famous rabbit treats. They will be available for purshase during the event in April as well as rabbit toys and accessories. For the pet lover, there will be cookies and baked goods too. Feel free to drop by and come visit us!